2018-19 auditions will be held during the first week of class beginning on August 28th and concluding on August 31st. Our first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, September 4th in Tharp Rehearsal Hall, 5:30pm-7:30pm.

For ensemble placement auditions held at the start of the year for admitted Freshmen and returning students, these selections should not exceed more than six minutes combined. 

In both cases, a single piece with contrasting sections is also an acceptable option. Standard solo, orchestral and etude repertoire are all appropriate choices. In a live audition some instrument-appropriate major scales will be asked for (in whatever pattern you are used too) and a sight-reading excerpt will be provided. Students are evaluated on the basis of tone quality, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, musicianship, expressiveness, and reading ability.

Please click here for Percussion-specific audition requirements.

Admitted Freshmen and returning Emory students may schedule a time for Fall placement auditions by following the link to the eAudition system. THE AUDITION LINK WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED UNTIL SUMMER, 2018! Students – particularly incoming Freshmen – who may not yet know their class schedule should go ahead and schedule regardless and adjust their time if necessary. Please keep your schedule free of conflicts during rehearsal times!


Sign up for your audition online here!

If you have any problems with the system,  please email Martha Shockey in the Music Department at [email protected].


Prospective students often audition live during their senior year of high school; many also wait until they have arrived on campus in the Fall. In cases where a live audition is not possible, submission of a recording (often through a private YouTube or SoundCloud link, CD or other on-line or digital media) it is strongly encouraged and highly recommended. 

A live audition or submission of supplemental materials enables us to provide important feedback and contribute to the admissions process in the evaluation of candidates with Emory Admissions. Students can be preliminarily admitted to the music major or recommended for the ensemble and chamber music programs but only pending their acceptance to Emory through the regular college admissions process.

There is no set or prescribed repertoire for Emory instrumental auditions; we encourage students to prepare pieces that best demonstrate their current level of performance and potential, normally under the close guidance of their private teacher. Students should prepare two contrasting works of their own choosing: one lyrical in a moderate tempo and one technical in a faster tempo.

For live auditions during the admissions process (including scholarships auditions) and submitted supplemental materials, these selections should not exceed more than twenty minutes combined. Please visit our departmental auditions page for more detailed information.