• This year, all auditions will be administered online, unedited, in one continuous “take” – smartphone videos are acceptable. Recordings should be 4-6 minutes of repertoire (see “audition repertoire” below).
  • Be sure to record your audition in one continuous, unedited “take.” No spliced auditions will be accepted.
  • All auditionees must sign up for their audition via Emory’s online eAudition System. Auditionees may choose any available time or day they like. Emailed Audition videos (or links) must be received by midnight on the day of the student’s chosen audition day/time. Late videos will not be reviewed.
  • Auditions may be emailed via original file or video link (Emory BoxGoogle Drive, YouTube, Dropbox are all acceptable; be sure to set permissions to “public”)
  • All audition requirements are unchanged – click here for detailed requirements.
  • All auditionees are encouraged to sign up via Emory’s online eAudition System.
  • Recorded auditions should be sent to Dr. Bhasin on the day of your scheduled audition by midnight. Questions regarding auditions should be sent to Dr. Bhasin prior to your audition date to insure a timely response.
  • Following the audition period, the Department of Music will enroll successful auditionees in ensembles.


Membership (via audition) is open to ALL Emory students (Oxford & Atlanta, undergraduate & graduate) each year. You do not need to major in music to audition. The EUSO’s roster proudly draws from across all the University’s disciplines each year. 

2020-2021 auditions will be held online during the second full week of class. Our first online meeting will be on Tuesday, September 1st, 6pm-7:15pm.

Once the system is “live” in mid-July, you may register for your audition online via our eAudition system here:



New and returning students may select up to six minutes of audition works from the standard solo, orchestral and etude repertoire.  A single piece with contrasting sections is also an acceptable option. For Fall 2020, no scales or sightreading will be required. Students are evaluated on the basis of tone quality, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, musicianship, expressiveness, and reading ability.

Please click here for Percussion-specific audition requirements.

If you have any problems with the eAudition system,  please email Martha Shockey in the Music Department at mshocke@emory.edu.

Admitted Freshmen and returning Emory students may schedule a time for Fall placement auditions by following the link to the eAudition system. THE AUDITION LINK WILL BE PUBLISHED UNTIL SUMMER 2020! Students – particularly incoming Freshmen – who may not yet know their class schedule should go ahead and schedule regardless and adjust their time if necessary. Please keep your schedule free of conflicts during the Fall 2020 EUSO meeting time – Tuesdays 6-7:15pm.


Sometimes students wait until the second semester of their freshmen year to try and audition; we would strongly recommend against this as a viable strategy. There are rarely spots available in the middle of the season and EUSO members accepted in the Fall play for the entire season (Fall and Spring). 


Prospective students may contact Dr. Bhasin for questions about  Music Woodruff Scholarships and Music Liberal Arts Scholarships.  More information can be found on our departmental scholarships page, the Emory Scholars page, and our departmental auditions page  or contact Dr. Bhasin for more detailed information.